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Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security Keeps You Safe Online. Today’s technology provides for access to almost anything online. This includes unwanted access to your computer and personal information.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is a program that includes an antivirus as well as Internet security to make sure your system and your personal data stays safe. This security software works in a combination of ways to prevent malicious attacks from happening to your computer and compromising your system as well as your private data when you are online. Running silently in the background, this program will keep your internet travels safe whether you are surfing, shopping, or banking online.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security combines the best antivirus software with the best Internet security software.

It also detects and prevents malware and spyware from attacking your computer as well.

This combination makes it a top Internet security software product that leaves your system secured from those who wish to do it, and you, harm.

The program includes data theft protection that will keep your passwords and banking information out of the hands of the wrong people.

You can feel secure when shopping or checking your account online.


Real-time updates safeguard you from the latest online threats.


Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security has great online support for customers! You can use a few options of help:

  • FAQ for quick answers
  • Forum to find interesting discussions
  • Knowledgebase with categorized list of questions
  • How-to Videos, Answer Guides and Product Manuals
  • Submit a Support Case Online support engineers will investigate your issue and provide you with a resolution within 48 hours
  • Online Chat and Call
  • Premium Services offerings to home users in North America, Australia and New Zealand
  • Cloud technology
    leverages the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network plus real-time antivirus scanning to provide always-on Internet protection to keep you safe from the latest and ever-evolving malware threats.
  • Automatic protection
    removes the guesswork of protecting your PC, intelligently and immediately reacts to threats.
  • Simple installation
    it takes just a few clicks.
  • Streamlined interface
    it is easy to understand and simple to manage.

To sum up: Unlike many similar computer security products, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security does not take up all of your computer’s available resources. It incorporates the company’s well known cloud technology that allows it to run with a much smaller footprint on your computer. Internet safety is very important but many products are hard to understand and use. This program is great for even the beginner of users. The easy to use interface allows management of the program with a simple click. The computer security software will run in the background to detect any threats. This Internet security download is packed full of benefits while being easy to use and not taking up much of your computer’s resources. Download $69,95

Microsoft Windows® XP Family (32 bit or higher), Service Pack 3 or higher:

  • Processor: 450 MHz (800 MHz recommended)
  • RAM: 256 MB, (512 MB Recommended)
  • Free HDD space: 500 MB

Microsoft Windows® Vista Family, Service Pack 1 or higher:

  • Processor: 800 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 512 MB, (1 GB Recommended)
  • Free HDD space: 500 MB

Microsoft Windows® 7 Family, Service Pack 1 or higher:

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free HDD space: 500 MB

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Technologies not included in Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security

  • Secure erase and remotely lock files
  • Defend against advanced threats
  • Maximize your PC performance
  • Backup and Restore

For complete on-line protection, we recommend Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. Overall features include all listed above. You can review or download it (Price $79,95).

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