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Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 is compatible with Windows Vista systems but also Windows XP and Windows 7. Generally, it does just about any thing that software like this should do and it has the advantage of not restarting your system after installation that can save you a few minutes when you are in a hurry.

However its protection level is not that high comparing it to other software, but it has a really fashionable design that most users appreciate on it.

When it comes to performance, this anti-virus has excellent scores and very good malware detections and firewall blocks.

The software protects, cleans and removes viruses and spyware but it’s also very good when it comes to not slowing down your computer while performing the periodical clean check.

It is very efficient if you have important files to protect because it comes with a new feature for restoring, and it is also very easy to use due to its design.

Easy to install and easy to use features are the best scoring points of this anti-virus, though there are some other softwares that are better.


Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 provides Live up-to-the-minute updates. Combined Collective Intelligence and traditional signature updates protects you against the newest and most dangerous threats with minimum bandwidth usage.


Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 has great online support. You can use a few options of help:

  • FAQ for quick answers
  • Community to search, consult experts in the forum, watch HOWTO videos on YouTube or ask on Twitter. Also facebook account and/or La Piazza blog
  • Knowledgebase with categorized list of questions
  • Contact form or e-mail to contact Tech Support, if you don’t find the answer to your inquiry on the web.
  • Virtual Keyboard
    New feature to write your password in a safe way.
  • Multimedia/Gaming Mode
    New feature to enjoy the multimedia world and play without interruptions! Your antivirus keeps watching without bothering you.
  • Home Network Manager
    New feature checks the security status of your home computers.
  • Panda Safe Browser (Sandboxing)
    New feature suspecting that a web is dangerous? Access it without risk through the Save Browser (sandboxing).
  • Protection against all types of malware
    Improved feature protects you in real time against all types of known and unknown malware.
  • Panda USB Vaccine
    Improved feature protects your PC and USB drive from infection.

To sum up: the good things about Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 are that it has very efficient virus detection and it’s also affordable. Not only this, but for advanced computers, this software can perform at its maximum speed. The bad thing about this product is that it does not remove all threats from your computer, plus there is some other such software that are a lot cheaper and that can excel at what this program fails. The program also has a very high vulnerability to firewall simple attack and can’t block excellent rootkits and scareware. However, even if performance in this area is not excellent, this program provides an excellent malware protection and a two-way personal firewall that is fully functional. Download $36,86 $40.95

  • Processor: Pentium 300 MHz
  • RAM: 128 MB (without TruPrevent), 512 MB (with TruPrevent), 1 GB (recommended)
  • Free HDD space: 265 MB
  • OS:Microsoft Windows XP – 32 bit, Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 – 32/64 bit

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Technologies not included in Panda Antivirus Pro 2011

  • Anti-Spam protection
    Keep your inbox free from spam.
  • Parental Control
    Keep your kids safe from inappropriate Web content.
  • Identity Protect
    Protects your personal and confidential information.
  • Remote PC Access
    Easy access from anywhere to your home or office computer.
  • File Encryption
    Protect your files from prying eyes.
  • File Shredding
    Deletes your files forever ensuring no one can get access to your data.

For complete on-line protection, we recommend Panda Global Protection 2011. Overall features include all listed above. You can review or download it (Price $64,75 $71.95).

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