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LavaSoft Ad-Aware Free and LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro are series of utilities that provides you with security of your machine all through your computing experience. The only major drawback with these applications is that none of them provide you with real-time protection.

This itself is a major drawback for a security utility in the world today. If you wish to get protected, you need to scan your system completely periodically. LavaSoft Ad-Aware Free and LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro gives you with an exhilarating experience altogether.

The basic protection is real-time but that does not satisfy the needs that are associated with any of the antivirus applications these days. You need to have a utility that readily reacts to any strange behavior as the time has passed when databases used to see if a file was infected or not: the difference is based on application behavior now.

The LavaSoft Ad-Aware Internet Security Pro and LavaSoft Ad-Aware Total Security do provide you with real time protection but for a higher price tag.

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security or popularly known as Ad-Aware Free comes with one of the excellent spyware killing technologies securing the position amongst the very few popular spyware killers around on the planet. The whole suite has got a lot better now with not just focusing on anti-spyware killing only. There have been anti-virus capabilities added in the application giving you an excellent tool to consider. The detection and killing of spyware has turned a lot easier now.


Automatic Pulse Updates protect against the latest forms of malware with faster, continuous pulse updates to guard your privacy against cyber attacks


LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro has great online support for customers! You can use a few options of help:

  • FAQ for quick answers
  • Forum to find interesting discussions
  • Blog to be in latest news
  • Product manuals and video tutorials
  • Live Supportof certified expert
  • Complete Malware Protection,
    including Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware.
  • Ad-Watch Live! Expert
    Real-time Protection.
  • Genocode Detection Technology.
  • Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection.
  • Expert Level Rootkit Removal System.
  • The Neutralizer
    Malware Removal Tool.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Download Guard
    for Internet Explorer.
  • Toolbox
    Including Process Watch, AutoStart Manager, Hosts File Editor, and ThreatWork.
  • Network Drive Scanning.

To sum up: LavaSoft Ad-Aware Free downloaded free and LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro both come up with excellent protection against root kits as well as all the stealth attacks that usually get escape from being detected. This helps the operating system to give you a spontaneous yet error free experience on the overall. Like all the top notch leading security solutions, LavaSoft Ad-Aware Free and LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro does not only rely on signature databases but also look on to the behaviors of applications to make the computing experience safer. Download $29,95

  • Processor: 733 MHz or faster processor
  • RAM: 200 MB
  • Free HDD space: 300 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro, Microsoft Windows XP (32bit), Microsoft Windows Vista/7 (32/64 bit)

LAVASOFT products comparison
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Technologies not included in LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro

  • Web surfing protection:
    Provides extra protection for safe surfing.
  • E-Mail Scanner and Anti-Spam:
    Pritects your e-mail.
  • Personal Firewall:
    Shield your PC from hackers.
  • Parental Control:
    Guide your children to use the Internet safely and setting limits for time spent online.
  • Phishing Protection:
    Ad-Aware’s Web filter automatically blocks suspicious websites and phishing attempts to protect against online scams and fraud as you shop, bank, and pay bills.
  • File Shredder:
    Permanently removes unwanted or sensitive files.

For complete on-line protection, we recommend Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security with overall features. You can review or download it (Price $49,95).

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