Yes, Macs Can Get Antiviruses

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If you’ve been paying attention to Mac commercials in recent years, then you may have noticed one subtle change: Apple no longer advertises the fact that its computers don’t get viruses. Yes, after bragging for years about how Macs didn’t get viruses due to their unique architecture (“It just works!”), Apple has finally decided to do away with this part of their campaign.

It wasn’t just Apple that was proud of the Mac’s natural antivirus capabilities. Its users also spread the myth of the Mac’s supposed invulnerability against malware.

So why were Apple computers immune to viruses for such a long period of time? Well, put simply, the people who made viruses did not want to bother creating a Mac-specific virus. It’s true that Macs and PCs are built on different frameworks, but that doesn’t mean that Macs aren’t able to contract a virus: it just means that they can’t contract viruses created for PC users.

Since many of the world’s most important documents and web servers were (and still are) stored on PCs, hackers spent most of their time focusing on getting around PC-based antivirus software. As a result, Mac users were left unhindered by malware threats for many years.

However, after Macs have exploded in popularity over the last decade, more and more hackers are realizing the potential profitability of designing viruses built for the Mac. More and more viruses have been popping up on Macs lately that can steal the user’s identity, spam friends and social media contacts, and even drain their bank accounts.

Most recently, over half a million Macs have been infected with a new virus called Flashback, which spreads through infected webpages. Flashback enters Apple computers using a specific Java exploit. Unfortunately, Apple has known about this exploit for quite some time, but refused to do anything about it up until this week. Fortunately, Apple has just released a Mac OS X security update that patches this problem.

That being said, Apple has a dubious track record about patching security threats. In some cases, it has taken the company three years to repair well-known exploits. For most users, leaving their computer’s security unprotected for this length of time is completely unacceptable.

Ultimately, today’s Mac users are more susceptible to viruses than ever before. Just because Apple has released security patches in the past doesn’t mean that Mac users are completely safe from viruses – far from it. With Macs becoming more common, viruses will continue to exploit its userbase for long into the future. If you want to stay protected on your computer and keep your identity safe, then you need to download a good antivirus program for Macs today.

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