Why is an Antivirus Program Considered an Investment?

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When talking about antivirus programs, you’ll find that many people consider their purchase an “investment” as opposed to a sunk cost. Why do people say this? Are they just trying to make themselves feel better about their purchase? Or can antivirus cleaners actually be considered assets that provide a return on your investment? Let’s find out.

Antivirus scanners remove malware from your PC

You use an antivirus scanner to delete dangerous malware from your PC. Malware can cause PC slowdowns, crashes, bugs, and other problems. These problems slow down your productivity while on the PC, and since time is money, some might view this as a financial loss.

However, others might think that is a weak line of logic: just because the antivirus scanner is lowering your productivity doesn’t meant that it is actually generating money for you. But consider this: viruses also steal your financial information, passwords, and other personal data that can be used to steal your identity. Using this information, online scammers can drain your bank accounts of all funds, use your credit card information to buy products online, or even sell your data on the black market for thousands.

When an antivirus scanner protects you from that kind of loss – which it does – then it is helping you save a lot of money. What would you rather do: spend $40 on an antivirus scanner today, or wake up tomorrow morning to find empty bank accounts when you boot up your unprotected PC? People see antivirus scanners as investments because they help protect the user from significant financial loss.

Avoid the costs of PC repairs and upgrades

Of course, along with direct financial loss caused by viruses and malware, antivirus scanners also extend the lifetime of your PC. This helps you avoid hundreds of dollars in PC repair costs. If you have ever had to take your computer into a repair shop because of a virus or other malware problem, then you know how annoying that experience can be: the repair shop might wipe your hard drive of all its data, and you could be left with several hundred dollars in repair fees.

Furthermore, if your computer is so ridden with viruses that you have to buy a new one, then that will put you out thousands of dollars. New PCs are expensive, and if you don’t use an antivirus scanner (or worse, use a free one), then you’re putting your system at a huge risk.

The bottom line

Investing in a registry cleaner today will not generate income for you, but it will help you save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in potential repair fees and other costs. If your computer is unprotected, then your personal data could be being used right now without your knowledge. Put simply, viruses today are more dangerous than they have ever been in the past, and having an unprotected computer is simply too much of a risk to take.

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