Top 10 Features to Look For in Good Antivirus Software

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If you want to choose the best antivirus software (which you probably do if you’re looking at Top-10-Antivirus.net), then you need to know which features to look for. Here are the top 10 features that make a good antivirus program stand out from the rest of its competitors.

10) Safe browsing technology

More and more antivirus programs include tools that keep you safe while browsing online. This is the primary method through which viruses enter your computer, and it’s important to protect anybody who uses your PC. Some programs may filter out bad Google search results, or warn you when you click on a malicious webpage.

9) Social media protection

Most people have a Facebook or Twitter account, and unfortunately, that means many viruses specifically target social media. They can steal your passwords, personal data, phone number, and any other information you have online, so it’s important to stay protected. A good antivirus program will alert the user when a Facebook phishing scam has been detected, or if you’re about to click on a malicious link that somebody sent you on Twitter.

8) Good parental controls

If you have kids, then you may want an antivirus program with parental controls. Some antivirus programs even feature usage restriction tools, making it easier to give everybody in the household their ‘computer time’.

7) Email protection

Lots of viruses are spread through emails. While spam may seem like a minor annoyance, it can actually cause serious damage to your computer – even if you just open it without clicking on anything. A good antivirus program protects you from being the victim of scans or phishing schemes that are spread through email.

6) Backup

If worse comes to worst, then you may have to rely on a backup to restore your system. A good antivirus program will create a backup of your computer’s most important files and will allow you to easily restore that backup if anything bad happens.

5) Identity protection

You’ve probably heard that identity theft is on the rise. With more and more businesses going digital, it has never been easier for a thief to steal your information, drain your bank accounts, or sell your personal data to advertising companies. A good antivirus program will protect your personal data in several important ways. It may verify every time the user inputs credit card or banking information online to make sure that a virus hasn’t hijacked your computer, for example.

4) Virus cleanup mode/Virtual sandbox

A good antivirus program gives users the ability to remove viruses in a secure virtual environment. This is sometimes known as ‘virus cleanup’ mode, or as a ‘virtual sandbox’. In either case, they provide the user with a safe way to remove viruses without worrying about harming other parts of their computer.

3) Powerful firewall

Once an antivirus program has scanned your computer and eradicated all threats, you want it to stay that way. Some antivirus programs include a powerful firewall to help you do just that, and can easily block incoming threats long before they contact your hard drive.

2) PC maintenance features

If you’re shelling out $30 or $40 for a good antivirus program, then you may want it to do more than just fight malware. Many antivirus programs also optimize your computer in other ways, which greatly enhances their value and makes your computer a safer, faster, and healthier place.

1) Malware detection and removal

The most important part of antivirus software is its signature detection. That is, how often and accurately does it spot incoming virus threats? Can it easily remove them from your computer? Does the program remain in contact with a PC security server in order to stay updated against the latest malware threats? If a program does all of those things, then it’s a real winner.

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