The Single Easiest Way to Remove Viruses from Your System

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Every computer gets a virus at some point or another. The real test is what you decide to do with your computer once it’s infected. Do you take it to a computer repair shop? Do you attempt to fix the problem yourself? Will you rely on a free antivirus program? Or will you pay for a suite of security tools?

Or, as some people choose to do, will you simply throw your computer into the garbage and buy a new one?

If you would rather not pay an expensive PC repair bill or buy a new computer altogether, then there is one easy and free way to solve your virus problems: reformat your operating system.

However, before you do that, try booting from a system restore point. Windows regularly creates system restore points on your computer. If you suddenly realize that you have a virus problem, then these system restore points can save your computer’s life. They take your computer back to an earlier date in time – say, two weeks ago – when it was working properly and free of viruses.

Unfortunately, system restore points are not a very effective way to remove viruses: the people who design viruses know exactly how to avoid a system restore and can hide their viruses deep within your PC’s files, which prevents them from being detected and deleted during a restore.

For that reason, you need to turn to a more powerful solution: the system reformat.

Reformatting your operating system

When you reformat your system, you’re essentially returning it to factory conditions. This removes just about every single virus that is on your computer and can fix all sorts of other problems as well. In most cases, it restores your computer’s performance to the point it was at on the day you booted it up for the first time.

When you reformat your operating system, it feels like you’re getting a new computer. Not only is your system running at an incredibly fast and smooth pace, but it will also be virus free.

There is one downside to a reformat: it will delete most of your files. However, Windows 7 does have a new reformat option that allows you to keep your most important files – like your documents, pictures, and music – while reformatting everything else. Viruses may be hiding within these folders, however, so if you want to be extra careful, then you will need to do a complete system reformat.

So how do you reformat your operating system? Simply put your Windows CD into your drive and restart your computer. Before doing that, you might want to save all of your important documents to a USB stick to prevent them from being deleted.

With the Windows CD in your drive, your computer will present you with a list of different options. You can repair a Windows installation, install it on a new partition, or reinstall Windows completely with a reformat.

But what if a system reformat doesn’t fix my virus problems?

Unfortunately, some viruses can survive a system reformat. As unlikely as it may seem, there are some viruses out there – called bootkits and rootkits – that could survive a reformat. They embed themselves deep within your system’s software, beyond the reach of even a comprehensive system restore.

If you have restored your computer but are still experiencing virus and malware problems, then you need to download good antivirus software. The free, low-quality programs that you find online simply won’t do the job if you’re dealing with a serious virus threat. If you want reliable, effective PC security, then you need to turn to some of the best antivirus software on the market.

How to find the best antivirus software programs

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