The best features to look for in your antivirus software

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Some antivirus programs are better than others. If you’re not sure how to judge the quality of antivirus software, then you need to read the following guide, which highlights some of the best features to have in any antivirus program.

Privacy controls: Identity theft is on the rise. With more and more companies conducting business solely over the internet, it has become easier to copy somebody else’s identity. Protect yourself by choosing antivirus software with extensive privacy control settings, which will warn you when you enter a suspicious website, or when an e-mail seems like it may be a scam.

Firewall: One of the biggest threats to your computer’s security is if hackers try to enter it remotely. By doing this, they can access the most sensitive data on your PC, even if they’re thousands of miles away. Having a firewall installed will prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. If you don’t already have a firewall installed, make sure the antivirus software you choose has this capability.

Data backup: If worse comes to worst, then you will want to be able to recover your data. Since most people don’t backup their data on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to find a program that does this for you automatically. Good antivirus software will allow you to choose exactly which documents and file folders you want to protect, so that if a virus does wreak havoc on your computer, you will easily be able to access them.

Customizable modes: Everybody uses computers for different things. Some people spend most of their time gaming, for example. If you have multiple users in your house, then it’s in your best interest to find antivirus software that allows you to select multiple profiles, each of which is customized to your specific needs. In fact, some antivirus programs will come pre-built with a gaming mode, which not only reduces the memory requirements of that program, but also protects you from any threats that you might experience while in-game.

Frequent updates: Not all antivirus software is regularly updated. If you want constant, accurate protection, then you need to invest in a program that is updated on at least a weekly basis. Sometimes, this means that you will have to pay a little more for the product, or order a subscription. However, this almost always pays off in the long run.

Multiple installs: If you have more than one computer in your house, then you may want to find antivirus software that allows you to install it on multiple devices.  This will save you a large amount of time and money, and protect your home network from being exploited. Besides, the security of a home network is only as good as its weakest computer.

Parental control: As a parent, you should be worried about what your kids are doing online. It’s a big, scary, world out there, and giving your kids unrestricted access to the internet is rarely a good idea. Customize your parental settings to control exactly what your children are seeing online.

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