New Phone Call Scam Tricking Computer in North America

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At the Top-10-Antivirus.net blog, we like to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest malware information. Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard increasing reports about a phone call scam tricking users across North America. The unsolicited phone call, often from a heavily-accented man, will ask you to confirm your home address and possibly other personal information. The caller will also say that he works for some sort of tech support company.

The caller will already know your home address, and could claim to be working with Microsoft or your Internet Service Provider to eradicate the problem. In most cases, your PC will already be infected with a dangerous virus, which is what triggered the call in the first place. The caller could also falsely claim that he/she is an employee of major PC security firms like McAfee or Norton.

If you receive a call like this, it’s important that you hang up the phone immediately. The caller is working for the creators of the virus – if he’s not the original virus creator himself. While he may seem friendly enough, he is most likely going to sell you an overpriced PC security product that promises to instantly fix your problem. Some of the more complex scams even require PC users to pay a regular subscription fee in order to keep their computer protected.

This program could cost upwards of $300, while subscription fees could cost double that over the course of a year. And, if you decline the person on the phone, they may start to offer it to you at heavily discounted rates. This makes you think you’re getting a good deal, when in reality, you’re falling victim to a dangerous scam.

While buying these programs and subscriptions could fix your computer’s problems, this is only because the person selling you the software is also the designer of the virus: he can enable or disable the virus at will, and is just trying to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Put simply, you don’t need a $300 program to remove this virus from your computer, but you might need a good antivirus scanner.

To discover an antivirus program that works for your needs, look at our top 10 antivirus scanner reviews we’ve listed at the top of this page. By reading through the various features and benefits of each program, you can easily protect your computer for years into the future.

Scammers are getting more and more creative every day. In fact, the person who calls you may not even have an accent. For that reason, it’s important to keep your guard up at all times. If you want to stay safe online, then you need an antivirus program that can keep up. Check our Top 10 Antivirus blog for more information on the latest virus threats and antivirus software news.

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