Mobile Phones and Tablets Not as Secure As Previously Thought

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We all love our flashy new mobile phones and tablets, but recently discovered security flaws have made some people think twice about using their mobile devices.

Specifically, recent research from PC security company McAfee exposed several ways to remotely hack into iPads and iPhones using a security flaw in Apple iOS. The flaw allows someone with even a minimal level of experience to monitor a person’s activity on their iOS-based mobile device. Hackers can see banking information, corporate documents, online shopping data, and anything else you do online.

In one public demonstration, McAfee was even able to hack into an unsuspecting victim’s iPhone, turn on the microphone, and record a conversation that was taking place nearby. When a hacker has the ability to do that, something as simple as reading text messages, emails, or looking at your pictures is a piece of cake.

Another PC security firm called Cryptography Research claims that the security flaw goes beyond iOS-based mobile devices, and affects any smart phone or tablet PC. Cryptography Research claims that they can eavesdrop on any transaction made on a mobile device with a few simple hacker tools.

“But that data is encrypted!” some protest. True, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be decrypted. Once intercepted, hackers can use special tools that decrypt your data within seconds, and even third-party encryption software is not 100% secure. Put simply, not all data you send over Wi-Fi and data networks is encrypted, and hackers can temporarily store encrypted data before deciphering it later.

To make matters worse, mobile devices rarely show any sign that an attack is in progress. While a desktop or laptop user might notice a sudden drop in performance or weaker internet connection, these problems are not as noticeable on mobile devices.

As more and more people start to use mobile devices, these attacks are expected to increase drastically in the forthcoming years. Hackers will start to realize that there is money to be made by stealing information from mobile devices, which means that more and more people will want to enter the illegal business.

So, while a lot of people seem to be making the jump from laptop PC to tablet PC, there is still something to be said about the security of a good laptop. If you want your information to remain as safe as possible at all times while using your computer, then nothing beats a good firewall and antivirus combination.

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