Hundreds of WordPress Blogs Infected with Malware; Flashback Mac Virus to Blame

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We’ve been following news about the Flashback virus for several weeks now at the Top 10 Antivirus blog. If you haven’t already heard, Flashback is one of the biggest viruses to ever hit a Mac-based operating system, and it has wreaked havoc on the security of computer users around the world.

Flashback is being used to turn Macs into a massive botnet. Once that botnet is activated, an infected computer can turn into a server for illegal pornography or send out dangerous viruses to other internet users.

But where did this virus come from? PC security giant Kaspersky has recently revealed that many Macs were infected through WordPress-hosted blogs. Specifically, WordPress users were asked to install a malicious Adobe Flash Player plugin in order to get media to work on their websites. Once installed, the plugin simply hijacked the user’s computer.

This means that anybody who visited the WordPress site would be told todownload a plugin in order to see the content. If a popular blog became infected, it’s easy to see why the Flashback virus spread so quickly.

The Flashback virus worked amazingly well: nearly 750,000 Macs have been exploited to this date, according to Kaspersky, and claims that about 100,000 WordPress sites could be infected with the virus.

Macs have been known for years as being more safe and secure than PCs, but that reputation is quickly starting to change. Apple didn’t respond to the massive security loophole until months after Windows and other operating systems had released a patch, leaving its users wildly unprotected. While some people still cling to the idea that Macs cannot be infected with virus, this is simply not true anymore.

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