How to fix PC problems when antivirus software fails you

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Maybe you have a cheap, ineffective piece of antivirus software. Or, maybe you don’t have any antivirus software installed at all. Whatever the case may be, there will be times during the lifespan of your PC when you will need to manually fix your computer in order for it to work again. Here are some of the easiest ways to go about doing that.

Clear out old junk files: Over the months – or years – your computer accumulates an astonishing amount of junk files. For example, your browser stores information from every web page it visits in order to speed up any future browsing. It can also inadvertently save viruses, scripts, and other malware from dangerous websites. By clearing out these junk files, you may be able to prevent many problems that your antivirus software missed. Or, if a virus has already infected your system, then cleaning out these files could quickly eliminate a security threat to your PC.

Use a different antivirus program: Sometimes, when a virus infects your computer, it will prevent certain programs from running. It could disable your antivirus software, for example, in order to make it more difficult to remove the virus. This is a serious problem. If you’ve tried everything else, sometimes the best way around this is to simply download other antivirus programs which the virus may not detect.

And, you don’t necessarily have to pay for these new antivirus programs either. Instead, take advantage of the free trial periods that many programs offer. This will allow you to run multiple antivirus programs at the same time while avoiding the high price tags. Obviously, this is a short-term, temporary solution.

Boot into safe mode: All Windows PCs have something called safe mode that allows you to boot your computer into a special environment in which no unnecessary programs or functions are running. The purpose of this is to eliminate threats to your PC. For example, while a virus may automatically start up every time you boot your PC, it will probably not do this in safe mode. Once in safe mode, you can boot up your antivirus software, or try to delete the program yourself. Either way, you have successfully outsmarted the virus. To enter safe mode, press F8 while your computer is starting up.

Repair shop: Of course, if all else fails you, you can always take it to a computer repair center. Even the most technologically educated people may need to do this at some point in their lives. Depending on the severity of your error, these repair shops are generally inexpensive. You may even be able to get them to come to your house to repair your PC, although this generally comes at a higher price.

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