How Dangerous Are Today’s Viruses?

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It has never been more important to invest in a good antivirus scanner. With viruses becoming more and more dangerous every day, users need to learn how to protect themselves from any threats that come their way.

Today, we’re going to tell you exactly how much harm viruses can cause to your PC by answering the question, “how dangerous are today’s viruses?”

Identity theft

More and more business is being done entirely over the internet, and this means that it has never been easier to steal someone’s identity. Many viruses are designed specifically to steal your information. They may track every key you press while using your computer, for example. This information can then be used to log onto your banking website and transfer funds, for example.

Keyloggers can also gain access to your social media accounts by monitoring which keys you’re pressing. While you may not think that someone would want to access your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you would be surprised at what hackers can do once they gain access to your account information.

Steal your computer’s processing power

Another way in which a virus can harm your computer is through stealing its processing power. Some viruses are designed to turn your computer into a ‘bot’ on a network. Once a virus installs itself on your PC, it may lie dormant for days, weeks, or even months. Then, when the hacker needs to use your PC’s processing power and bandwidth, the virus is activated among an entire network of infected PCs.

Once activated, viruses like this can do all sorts of different things, and some of them can get you, the user, into legal trouble. For example, some viruses are designed to upload illegal files online, while others are designed to send out millions of emails from your IP. This makes it more difficult for authorities to monitor who is actually the criminal and could put you at the center of a lawsuit.

Steal your money

Clever viruses trick the user into buying software that they don’t actually need. After your PC becomes infected, you may receive various security pop-ups that are designed to look like official Windows notifications. These notifications will tell you that your PC’s slowdowns and malware problems can only be fixed by downloading a specific program, the price of which can be anywhere from $30 to $300.

If you’re unfortunate enough to fall for this scam, then you’re not only going to be out a large amount of money, but your PC will probably still be infected.

How to prevent dangerous viruses from infecting your PC

So how do you avoid identity theft and other virus threats on the internet? By downloading a good antivirus program, of course! With a program like PC Antivirus Pro , or any of our top 10 antivirus programs, you can easily improve the health and security of your PC with just a single click. Download it today to see what your PC has been missing.

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