Apple Continues to Fight Against Flashback Virus

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Frequent readers of our blog will know about Apple’s recent virus problems. Just a few days ago, we told you about how Flashback has infected nearly half a million Apple computers in North America, and how it is actively monitoring the online activities of hundreds of thousands of people online. Today, that virus has been contained, which means that it likely won’t spread to any more iOS-based devices. However, that doesn’t mean that the Flashback virus is done damaging computers.

Flashback has turned hundreds of thousands of Macs into a massive ‘botnet’, which means that they can be controlled by a remote user to accomplish all sorts of nefarious tasks. The entire botnet may start uploading illegal files to the internet, for example, or their combined processing power could be used to crack encryption software. This heavily drains your bandwidth and performance power.

Apple was criticized for its response to the virus. While operating systems like Microsoft and Linux closed up the security hole soon after it was discovered, it took Apple two months to do the same. Some people see Apple as being apathetic towards viruses in its userbase, particularly since the patch they released only prevented the virus from spreading, as opposed to completely removing it from the infected system.

While it’s a few months too late, Apple has confirmed that they are currently developing an application that will identify and eliminate the Flashback virus from infected Apple computers. The security update released a few days ago merely patched the Java security vulnerability, which prevented the virus from spreading any further. Previously, just visiting an infected website on an Apple computer was enough to trigger the virus, and users were infected within seconds.

Apple is responding to this conflict with force: instead of simply developing a scanning tool that can eliminate the Flashback virus from the Mac, Apple is actively working with Internet Service Providers around the world to disable the Flashback servers themselves. Since all computers with the Flashback virus are managed from several different computer servers, disabling access to these servers is a relatively straightforward way to prevent the virus from causing any further harm.

Whether you use a PC or Mac, one thing is clear: viruses have never been more dangerous than they are today. If you want to protect your computer, then you need to have a good antivirus program that stands between you and the hazards of the internet. Take a look at our top 10 antivirus rankings today to find out which program stacks up best for your personal needs.

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