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On antivirus software websites all over the internet, you’ll hear the same message being repeated over and over again: viruses are more dangerous today than they have ever been in the past. Is this an exaggeration designed to sell more antivirus software? Or are viruses today actually that dangerous?

The truth is, thanks to advanced technology, people who design viruses have been able to create incredibly advanced forms of malware that can automatically drain your bank accounts, max out your credit cards, and steal your identity – all with a single click.

More phishing attacks

Thanks to the expanding world of social media, phishing attacks have been rapidly increasing. Hackers will send a user a fake email asking them to click on a link that promises to take them to Facebook. If you enter your information into the fake Facebook login screen, your identity could be stolen, and at the very least your Facebook account is compromised.

Other phishing schemes in have focused on an old target: bank customers. While most people know the basics of avoiding phishing scams, today’s phishers are getting smarter and smarter. Instead of sending you links that are obviously malicious, these people will send you links that appear – for all intents and purposes – to take you directly to your bank’s official website. The user has no reason to be suspicious, which is why more and more people are having their bank accounts stolen every day.

Apple’s Flashback virus disaster of

One of the most surprising virus stories of has come from an unexpected source: Mac OSX. Earlier this year, a security exploit was found in JavaScript that allowed infected websites to install dangerous malware on visitors’ computers. This problem initially affected PCs and Linux operating systems, but the security hole was quickly patched. However, it took Apple nearly two months to even realize that their operating system had a critical security flaw, and by that time, nearly half a million users had been infected with something called the ‘Flashback’ virus.

The Flashback virus proceeded to turn hundreds of thousands of Mac computers into a massive botnet, which could then be used for malicious purposes online. While Apple did patch this flaw a few weeks ago, the damage had already been done.

What can you learn from the virus attacks of ?

The most important thing to take away from the virus onslaught of is that there are plenty of antivirus programs that can protect your computer. While some software lags behind virus technology, other antivirus scanners always manage to stay one step ahead through frequent updates. By choosing any of the antivirus programs in our top 10 rankings above, you can easily protect your computer – and your personal life – from some of today’s most dangerous viruses.

Whether you’ve been infected by an identity stealing virus in the past, or you just want to ensure that you remain protected, our top 10 antivirus reviews can help. Check out our antivirus reviews today to find out what your computer is missing.

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