Antivirus Program Could Change the Fate of Iran’s Nuclear Program

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Iran’s nuclear facilities have been in the news a lot lately. Western leaders worry about the dangers of a country like Iran having nuclear capabilities, while countries like Israel and even America try to decide if and when they should invade the country.

But none of this matters if a virus gets to Iran’s nuclear program before it comes to fruition. That’s right: Iran’s entire nuclear program could rest on the success of one antivirus program.

For the last two years, Iran’s nuclear program has been terrorized by a virus known as Stuxnet. In fact, this virus has swept across many Middle Eastern countries. It is targeted specifically at electronics equipment native to that region and has infected computers everywhere from Indonesia to Iraq.

The Stuxnet virus cannot be removed by an ordinary antivirus program. Instead, Iran has been forced to create an antivirus program designed specifically to eliminate Stuxnet from the nuclear program’s computers.

Interestingly enough, computer security experts around the world state that Stuxnet could have been created by another country and then targeted towards Iranian computers specifically to disrupt the country’s nuclear ambitions. Many fingers have been pointed towards the United States or Israel as possible culprits, and CIA officials have refused to comment on the matter. However, there is no doubt that delaying Iran’s nuclear program is in the best interests of both the United States and Israel.

Regardless of where Stuxnet came from, it’s clear that it poses a significant threat to Iran’s nuclear development program. While the country of Iran will surely rejoice if the virus can be eliminated, Western powers like the United States may not be as happy about the news.

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