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When you buy a new computer or a new laptop it will normally come with an antivirus program of some kind, but it may only be for valid for a limited period of time. With all the different anti-virus programs available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose which one will work best for your needs. However, by learning more about antivirus program comparison, you can effectively compare the advantages and disadvantages of the world’s best antivirus software.

Panda Antivirus Pro , for example, has been tried and tested and is one of the best anti-virus products on the market. While it’s ranked at number 5 on our top 10 antivirus comparison list, it does have its faults: should you need help fixing any problem with your antivirus program, you’ll have to use email tech support as opposed to calling them directly. Meanwhile, other antivirus software may offer phone, email and a live chat facility. Depending on your tech support needs, you will have to take this into account.

If tech support is what you’re looking for, look no further than BitDefender Antivirus Plus , which unlike the Panda version, offers 24/7 support. While it may be priced slightly higher than Panda Antivirus, the extra cost is often worth it. BitDefender will protect your computer from all of those nasty emails and viruses, as well as many other common online threats.

The internet is a great tool when you need to search for an antivirus program comparison as you can check out all of the pros and cons of all the different software on the market. Many antivirus review websites now have pages where you can actually compare products side by side. Two products may be exactly the same price, but when you put them together you will see that one offers better protection than the other.

Take BullGuard Antivirus 12 and G Detail Antivirus for example. They are both available at exactly the same price and both offer all the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-trojan, email protection and many more features, but when you compare their Windows 7 performance, the G Data scores 92% compared to the 75% of the BullGuard product. When you compare their overall usability score, the BullGuard received 75% to the 67% of the G Data. This is why neither of these two programs made it into our top 10 antivirus rankings: they just can’t make the cut with scores like that.

As you can see from those figures there are many similar products that are available for your computer’s protection. They are all good products, but it will pay you to check and compare all the anti-virus program comparison sites and work out which program is best for you.

You may like to play games on your computer, so it is vital that your anti-virus software can protect you from online threats while gaming. Many antivirus programs have a gamer mode included, which will allow your antivirus software to take up fewer system resources without sacrificing your system’s security.

When you are searching antivirus program comparison sites, take note of any software that has been awarded prizes and industry awards, as they are ones that have been certified by industry professionals and customers alike.

Just because a certain product is more expensive than another does not mean it is better. An anti-virus program comparison site will guide you through all of your computing needs and help you choose the best available antivirus software for your computer.

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