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If you’re in the market for antivirus software, then you may have looked at a few different antivirus comparison websites. These websites are a useful way to determine which antivirus program will best fit your needs.

However, if you’ve never purchased antivirus software before, then these websites might be a bit confusing: what kind of features should you look for? Should you always trust the ratings they give out? Which features are more important than others?

Today, we’re going to show you how to navigate antivirus comparison websites in order to find the best possible program for your needs.

Important antivirus features

There are several basic things to look out for in antivirus software. By paying attention to all of these qualifying factors, you can easily find the best antivirus program.

Virus detection rate

The first and most important thing you should look at is the program’s antivirus effectiveness. How well does it clean viruses from your system? This is the reason you’re buying an antivirus program, after all, and you should pay close attention to its detection rate. Can it identify and remove viruses quickly and easily? Does it catch 99% or more of all malware threats? Does it have scanners that check for phishing schemes, rootkits, and other complex forms of malware?

Good antivirus comparison websites will mention a program’s anti-malware effectiveness in their reviews. Since many antivirus companies send their program away to be tested in an independent laboratory, this lab score will often be brought up by the software comparison website. Ideally, you want to choose a program that catches over 99% of all malware threats (programs that find 100% of all viruses are few and far between).

The antivirus reviews site might also give different ratings for each kind of malware threat detected. For example, an antivirus program might catch 99% of all spyware threats, but completely fails on rootkit detection at a measly 30%. By taking the average of all of these ratings, and considering which malware threats you want to be protected against, you can choose the best antivirus program for your needs.

Frequent updates and support

Even the best antivirus software can become useless if it doesn’t have the right support and upgrades. A good antivirus company keeps its software updates with security patches against the latest malware threats. When you buy an antivirus program, you’re not just paying for the program itself, you’re paying for a subscription to security updates and patches. Put simply, if an antivirus program isn’t being constantly updated, your computer is at risk of contracting some serious malware problems.

Extra security tools

Another important antivirus feature to look out for is the number of extra tools included. These add-ons range in everything from social media protection tools to virtual sandboxes. Thousands of viruses are spread through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter every day, and these viruses are becoming smarter as time goes on.

You might get an innocuous looking message from a friend, for example, that has a link to a funny picture. If you click on that link, your Facebook account information can be compromised and your computer could be infected with a dangerous virus. A good antivirus program protects you against that threat by warning you when you attempt to travel to a malicious website.

Meanwhile, a virtual sandbox tool is something that more and more antivirus programs are including. A virtual sandbox allows the program to open a virus or malware threat without causing harm to other parts of your PC. It effectively builds a wall around the ‘sandbox’, allowing nothing to escape.

Should you trust antivirus comparison website rankings?

Antivirus rankings websites should be trusted only if they don’t have a clear link to the product in question. If the company repeatedly tries to sell on one specific product, as opposed to mentioning some of the other options available, then that should send up a red flag.

If, on the other hand, the website offers a bunch of different antivirus options, with different reviews and ratings for each one, then it’s easy to trust the ratings they give out. Ultimately, you want to find an antivirus website that provides an unbiased opinion on various programs, and then make your purchase based on those ratings.

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