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Avira AntiVir Premium – If you surf the web a lot, this is the perfect protection for you. It has some new features that are specially designed for web protection like web surfing, downloading data or e-mail.

Other than this, it has an advance system that does not allow any type of virus to break into your computer or to fill up your e-mail box.

When it comes to performance, the Avira AntiVir Premium has really nailed it. The new features like generic repair that automatically repairs your computer, detecting unknown virus behavior and blocking access make this protection software to be on top of some other systems of its kind. This version of Avira is very efficient when it comes to protection against malware, malicious sites and stopping all types of viruses.

Not only this, but it has a feature that allows you to save system data on a bootable CD. Your mail is also protected in outgoing messages and incoming messages by a special feature, thus no viruses will enter your computer this way.

It is very easy to install and to remove but also very easy to use and it has like most of these protective softwares support assistance for questions and problems. Plus, it is very cheap and very performant for its price.


The AntiVir products supply such a professional virus and malware protection through a so-called virus definition file, which is updated several times a day.


Avira AntiVir Premium has great online support for customers! You can use a few options of help:

  • FAQ for quick answers
  • Forum to find interesting discussions
  • Knowledgebase with categorized list of questions
  • Avira Support Tools
  • Avira Telephone Support from Monday to Friday
  • Cleverbridge customer service to submit an order or to answer questions about an order you have already placed
  • Proactive Defence
    Improved and better equipped feature to detect malwares not presented in the databse.
  • Generic Repair
    New feature repaires damaged systems.
  • Cloud Protection
    Improved feature used to further refine the behaviour-based detection.
  • Enhanced GUI
    Improved feature. Some frequently used settings previous visible only in expert mode has been moved to the standard mode.

To sum up: Avira AntiVir Premium is generally good for all types of computers and it does not slow down your computer’s work. It has high levels of protection that are keeping your PC safe at any time. Furthermore, the new features added to it make it easy to use and very efficient in protecting and recovering data. But, this system always asks you about deleting threats, fixing problems and other, thus can become very annoying when you watch a movie or while you’re doing some work on your computer. Download $26,95

  • RAM: 256 MB (Windows 2000/ XP), 1024 MB (Windows Vista, Windows 7)
  • Free HDD space: 150 MB (additional temporary and quarantine space needed)
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)

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Technologies not included in Avira AntiVir Premium

  • FireWall
    Protection against hackers.
  • AntiSpam
    Filters out unwanted emails.
  • GameMode
    Uninterrupted game play.
  • Parental Control
    blocks unsuitable sites, restricts Internet use times.

For complete on-line protection, we recommend Avira Premium Security Suite. Overall features include firewall, antispam, gamemode and parental control. You can review or download it (Price $53,95).

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