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Avast has been working quite hard lately in order to make the most out of the business that they are controlling by introducing products that attract a great deal of people. The Avast! Free Antivirus is for people who wish to have limited protection for your computer.

The Avast! Pro Antivirus on the other hand provides you with added control and features making the experience an excellent one. The Pro version protects your computer completely without compromising on any minor way for the intruders.

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Avast Antivirus series has recently taken control of the user interface that has been improved a great deal. There is a new engine in the antivirus base of the application that detects malware in a better way as before. In addition to just that, you get to have a powerful boot time scan that helps protecting your computer from any malware that deteriorates the boot up process.

The complete engine that takes up the antivirus and antispyware jobs have been re-written for this version of Avast. Both the Avast! Free Antivirus and Avast! Pro Antivirus have been blessed with the new engines therefore performing way better than the previous ones. The engine primarily works upon the behavior of the application instead of relying on the signature and detects any application that does not seem to act normal in the process tree. The company has finally got rid of all the glitches that were present in the last version of Avast Antivirus including the appearance issues.

The new virus database has been set into place in order to make the experience a better one. Any definition that you install gets incremented into the database of viruses. You will not see pop ups while you are doing your work now in any application that runs in full screen mode just not to deteriorate your experience.


Avast! Pro Antivirus has 2 updates per day on average. Incremental updating system minimizes the size of regular update files.


Avast! has great online support for customers! You can use a few options of help:

  • FAQ for quick answers
  • Free User manuals & Installation guides
  • Forum to find interesting discussions
  • Knowledgebase with categorized list of questions
  • Ticket system to submit a new issue
  • Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
    Improved protection against all forms of malicious software
  • Avast! Sandbox
    New unique feature to run programs and/or executables in a safe, virtual environment (Runs: 32 and 64bit platforms)
  • Code emulator
    New method which uses dynamic translationis and faster than traditional emulation techniques.
  • Heuristics engine
    New heuristics engine can detect malware undetectable with usual definitions. (Covers: binary (executable) and script malware)
  • Avast! Intelligent Scanner
    New feature to decrease the amount of file-scans. Trusted files are not rescanned unless they change.
  • Behavior Shield
    New feature to observe your computer activity and report and/or block any mistrustful behaviour.
  • Fast application of updates
    New virus definition file format means faster updates and CPU/RAM usage decrease.
  • Silent/Gaming Mode
    New feature reveals full-screen applications and disables any on-screen notifications without security risk.
  • Multi-threaded scanning optimization
    New feature allows big files splitting and speed up the scanning process.
  • Graphical user interface
    New easy to navigate graphical interface.

To sum up: Avast! Free Antivirus can be downloaded free from the internet and it provides the basic security needs. The antivirus has impressed a lot of people in the testing phase and has been rated ADVANCED+ in three of the tests that took place in order to determine the application, ADVANCED rating in four of the tests and STANDARD in just one of the tests. The overall rating sets the application to be ADVACNED+ therefore giving you with the perfect application. Download $39,99 $51.99

  • Processor: Pentium 3
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Free HDD space: 100 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)
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    Top 10 antivirus comparison

    Technologies not included in Avast! Pro Antivirus

    • Silent Firewall
      The firewall controls incoming and outgoing traffic from your PC on the basis of heuristic and behavioral analysis, and a list of trusted applications. 3 different settings which can be changed in compliance with connection type.
    • Antispam
      New overall antispam and fraudulent message filter works as a plug-in to MS Outlook and a generic POP3/IMAP4 proxy for other e-mail clients.
    • Comprehensive security
      If you shop or bank online.

    For complete on-line protection, we recommend Avast! Internet Security. Overall features include comprehensive security, silent firewall and antispam. You can review or download it (Price $53.96 $59.95).

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