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Avast! Internet Security is more like a surprise to every computer user. This application has the lightest interface, downloads pretty fast, and runs very good. The Firewall is one of the strong ones around in the market that provides protection to all your ports on the computer.

The complete package is perhaps one of the intelligent ones that knows when to react and what to stop.

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Avast! Internet Security is well adapted in taking its own decisions when it comes to an infected application. If you are using Avast! Internet Security, you need not to do all the tech based configurations in order to make the most out of your anti-spam experience. There are multiple shields that prevent any of these malware attacks. There are just a few minor drawbacks in the application related to system performance. The Avast! Internet Security sets your computer a bit heavy by taking up your computer’s resources.

The application is a great utility for all those who are in need of a quality internet security software application. They need not to look for any other vendor for a secure experience online. The latest version of Internet Security is perhaps a combination of antivirus, antispyware, firewall and anti-spam in just one piece. In this respect, the application is one of the light ones available in the antivirus market today.

The interface is a lot easier to use and manage for the novice users around the world. You have clear descriptions and buttons to manage all your security based needs. The overall experience is smooth even with the firewall turned on to high status all the time. The application is intelligent enough to detect the credibility of the process therefore setting preferences for them ultimately. The selection of your network determines the security of your application: the whole suite determines the preferences of applications depending on the network you are connected to.


Avast! Internet Security has 2 updates per day on average. Incremental updating system minimizes the size of regular update files.


Avast! has great online support for customers! You can use a few options of help:

  • FAQ for quick answers
  • Free User manuals & Installation guides
  • Forum to find interesting discussions
  • Knowledgebase with categorized list of questions
  • Ticket system to submit a new issue
  • Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
    Improved protection against all forms of malicious software
  • Avast! Sandbox
    New unique feature to run programs and/or executables in a safe, virtual environment (Runs: 32 and 64bit platforms)
  • Code emulator
    New method which uses dynamic translationis and faster than traditional emulation techniques.
  • Heuristics engine
    New heuristics engine can detect malware undetectable with usual definitions. (Covers: binary (executable) and script malware)
  • Avast! Intelligent Scanner
    New feature to decrease the amount of file-scans. Trusted files are not rescanned unless they change.
  • Behavior Shield
    New feature to observe your computer activity and report and/or block any mistrustful behaviour.
  • Fast application of updates
    New virus definition file format means faster updates and CPU/RAM usage decrease.
  • Silent/Gaming Mode
    New feature reveals full-screen applications and disables any on-screen notifications without security risk.
  • Multi-threaded scanning optimization
    New feature allows big files splitting and speed up the scanning process.
  • Graphical user interface
    Improved easy to navigate graphical interface.

To sum up: The overall impact of the product is quite impressive and it has already gained a huge fan following lately. Download $53.96 $59.95

  • Processor: Pentium 3
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Free HDD space: 100 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)

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